My current focus is storytelling. I recently helped a group of young engineers prepare for a competition by guiding their pitching and storytelling process, then providing the voice-over for their winning video. Currently in the pipeline is an audio-drama podcast, which will be released starting May 2022.
Voice-over and Story: Volkerwessels To-Gather

This video was prepared as part of a Young Professionals competition in collaboration with Jong Volkerwessels.

Podcast: The Inside

Shrouded in unanswered questions, The Inside contains a collection of the abnormal: bodyshifters, not-so-street-magicians, involuntary fortune tellers, and more… and they want out.

Slice-of-life fantasy with a chilling edge, The Inside is an original audio drama podcast created by Anika Lee Vroom. Woven together from the tales of unlikely heroes, this patchwork story is set in an unforgiving space that seems to have a mind of its own. A mystery unfolds though the voices of the individuals trapped there as they struggle to escape.

Videos: DCE

I work with clients to get to the heart of what they want to say. This ongoing project is a series of short videos created in collaboration with Delft Center for Entrepreneurship to bring more awareness to the opportunities and classes they present students.


Actor, Storyteller, Scientist

Dutch-American actor and photographer based in Delft, The Netherlands.

I was born in Leiden and grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest. As a travel-lover, I was fortunate enough to do my a minor in Environmental Science at the University of Melbourne. After graduating with a BSc in Applied Earth Sciences from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, I completed the Full Time Diploma of Stage and Screen Acting at ACS in Glasgow, Scotland. Currently, I am back in Delft, working towards an MSc in Environmental Engineering.

An all-around sports enthusiast, I am a BASSC certified actor-combatant in unarmed combat and rapier and dagger, as well as a proficient mountain biker. I also enjoy recreational swimming, soccer, running, gymnastics, and dancing. Additional hobbies include writing, painting, and consuming immense amounts of tea.

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“In a two hour workshop Anika got us acquainted with the basics of a good story line. No boring theory, but rather an interactive, fun session with post-its, colored pencils and some acting. Even we as sober and pragmatic engineers were for a moment emerged in the creative and imaginary world of story telling.”

~ Nynke Tack (Jong VolkerWessels)



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