When creating videos, I work closely with my clients to develop scripts, audio, and visuals so as to bring the main concept across clearly and in a way that involves the audience. I recently helped a group of young engineers prepare for a competition by guiding their pitching and storytelling process, then providing the voice-over for their winning video. Currently, I’m partnering with Delft Center for Entrepreneurship to develop a series of videos that celebrate, promote, and clarify the contents of some of their courses.

Voice-over and Story: Volkerwessels To-Gather

This video was prepared as part of a Young Professionals competition in collaboration with Jong Volkerwessels.

Videos: DCE

I work with clients to get to the heart of what they want to say. This ongoing project is a series of short videos created in collaboration with Delft Center for Entrepreneurship to bring more awareness to the opportunities and classes they present students.


“In a two hour workshop Anika got us acquainted with the basics of a good story line. No boring theory, but rather an interactive, fun session with post-its, colored pencils and some acting. Even we as sober and pragmatic engineers were for a moment emerged in the creative and imaginary world of story telling.”

~ Nynke Tack (Jong VolkerWessels)



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